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Looking for a hassle-free home sale?

Unlike those ‘quick sale’ companies, we do things differently, and we do it with style!

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Tailored solutions

We get it - every client is unique, and modern times call for a personalised touch.

Property experts

With years of experience in the industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise.

We buy any house

Any home bought guaranteed thanks to our extensive network and state-of-the-art virtual connections.

No hassle or fees

No middle-man drama, no sneaky price reductions, no pesky legal fees and no estate agent’s commission!

Two ways to sell your home quickly

Introducing Soldmyhaus – your fresh, game-changing way to sell property and land in the UK!

Sell in 7 Days

Rapid Sale Cash Offer

Looking for a speedy, stress-free sale that’s all about YOU? Say hello to our incredible Quick cash buying option! When time is of the essence and you need cash in a hurry, we’ve got your back. In just 7 days, we’ll snap up your property for quick cash, often offering up to 85% of the market value (location-specific, of course!).

No more worries about handling mortgages or agents – we’ve got all the details under control. Let’s make your accelerated sale a breeze!

Sell in 8 weeks

Express Haus Sale

Discover the fresher, faster way to sell your property!

Unlike traditional estate agents, we handle it all from start to SOLD! Experience the same top-notch marketing and advertising but with a turbo-charged twist! And guess what? Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times to get your property sold and hello to connecting with the best buyers in town! – it’s a win-win!

Get ready to seal the deal in just 60-90 days! Your dream sale is just a breath away!

The benefits of choosing Soldmyhaus

All needs taken care of

Estate agents will often use a range of other services and organisations. When using Soldmyhaus the entire process is dealt with under one roof, by our experienced, qualified team. As well as the benefits of speed and reliability, this also means less stress for you.

No property chains

In many cases the only seller involved in this process is you. Your sale relies on us, and doesn’t have to consider the requirements of other buyers and sellers which can slow the process down. There is also no risk of a chain breaking down and compromising the sale altogether.

No hidden fees

Soldmyhaus acts as a regulated property buyer, and the price you’re quoted is the one you’ll receive. There’ll be no extra charges for solicitors, surveys or estate agency fees.


Bespoke valuations

All quotes are made by our qualified agents. They are based on the individual property you’re presenting to us: its comparable price and its condition.

Properties bought throughout the UK

Our reliable, reputable service extends through the length and breadth of the UK. No matter where you are you can contact us by phone or email, and you can visit us in person or virtually via our online services.


Your privacy matters to us

Each sale is treated with utmost confidentiality, providing you with unparalleled support, tailored just for you!

Count on Soldmyhaus for an honest, fair, and open service that’s always got your back!

How do we compare?

Estate Agent
Timeframes from sign up to completion
6-9 months
7-28 days
Offer Accepted
3-6 months
1-7 days
Estate agent fees
£2,180 - £4,500 (average)
Ongoing mortgage payments
(9 months average)
£0 - £1,500 (depending on how quickly you wish to complete)
Solicitors & legal fees
£700 (average)
Renovation, repairs, redecorating
£1,500 (average)
£0 (you sell "as is")
Council tax and utility bills
£1200 (average)
£0 - £300
The time you save
(as many as 6-9 months)
Zero stress and hassle
Closure and ability to move to your next chapter
Being in control and your peace of mind

*zero fees charged for Rapid cash purchase or Express Haus Sale

Need the money in a hurry?

Get a cash offer in under an hour

Step 1

Complete the online cash offer form on our website or give us a ring (we’re available 24/7).

Step 2

Our advisors will be in touch to discuss your property and make you an offer in principle (subject to contract and appraisal/survey).

Step 3

If the offer works for you we will arrange appraisals of your property free of charge and free of obligation.

Step 4

Once your appraisal report is finalised, we’ll make you a formal offer (subject to contract).

Step 5

If our formal offer is acceptable we instruct solicitors (we cover the cost of this if you’re happy to use ours).

Step 6

The sale completes! Funds will be transferred into your chosen bank account by solicitors.

Why choose us?

Say goodbye to long waits and hello to hassle-free selling with Soldmyhaus! We understand that waiting for weeks or even months to sell your property isn’t exactly ideal. But fret not, because we’ve got you covered! Our specialist team is here to make your selling experience stress-free and lightning-fast!

Unlike other ‘quick buy’ property companies out there, Soldmyhaus stands tall with unmatched services! We are committed to finding the perfect solutions for your property needs, ensuring a seamless sale in as little as 7-28 days! And guess what? We take care of ALL the fees, including searches and solicitors – no hidden costs!

Honest reviews

Start your quick sale today!

If you’re looking for an innovative, stress-free guaranteed way to sell your property without the use of a traditional estate agent, contact Soldmyhaus.



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