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When you need a secure sale in super-quick time, we will buy your property for cash.
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Tailored solutions

We get it - every client is unique, and modern times call for a personalised touch.

Property experts

With years of experience in the industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise.

We buy any house

Any home bought guaranteed thanks to our extensive network and state-of-the-art virtual connections.

No hassle or fees

No middle-man drama, no sneaky price reductions, no pesky legal fees and no estate agent’s commission!

Complete in as little as 7-28 days guaranteed

Get ready for a lightning-fast sale with our incredible Rapid Cash Sale service! Whether you’re facing repossession, a divorce, or want to cash in on an inherited property, Soldmyhaus has the solution!

We guarantee a genuine sale without any last-minute reductions and no fees. Wherever you are in the UK, we’ll buy your property for up to 85% (location specific) of the market value!

How do we compare?

Estate Agent
Timeframes from sign up to completion
6-9 months
7-28 days
Offer Accepted
3-6 months
1-7 days
Estate agent fees
£2,180 - £4,500 (average)
Ongoing mortgage payments
(9 months average)
£0 - £1,500 (depending on how quickly you wish to complete)
Solicitors & legal fees
£700 (average)
Renovation, repairs, redecorating
£1,500 (average)
£0 (you sell "as is")
Council tax and utility bills
£1200 (average)
£0 - £300
The time you save
(as many as 6-9 months)
Zero stress and hassle
Closure and ability to move to your next chapter
Being in control and your peace of mind

*zero fees charged for Rapid cash purchase or Express Haus Sale

We buy any home guaranteed

We’re not picky about your property’s condition – we’ll buy it as it is! We guarantee to purchase any property or land anywhere in the UK quickly and without any hassle. And what’s more, we’ll beat any other genuine formal cash offer that you may have received.

We are proudly associated with the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) and hold memberships with all relevant bodies. Your sale, funds, and personal details are in the safest hands possible

So whether you’re trying to avoid repossession, need a quick sale on an inherited property or repairing a chain break get a offer in less than an hour with Soldmyhaus.

Need the money in a hurry?

Get a cash offer in under an hour

Step 1

Complete the online cash offer form on our website or give us a ring (we’re available 24/7).

Step 2

Our advisors will be in touch to discuss your property and make you an offer in principle (subject to contract and appraisal/survey).

Step 3

If the offer works for you we will arrange appraisals of your property free of charge and free of obligation.

Step 4

Once your appraisal report is finalised, we’ll make you a formal offer (subject to contract).

Step 5

If our formal offer is acceptable we instruct solicitors (we cover the cost of this if you’re happy to use ours).

Step 6

The sale completes! Funds will be transferred into your chosen bank account by solicitors.

Why choose us?

Say goodbye to long waits and hello to hassle-free selling with Soldmyhaus! We understand that waiting for weeks or even months to sell your property isn’t exactly ideal. But fret not, because we’ve got you covered! Our specialist team is here to make your selling experience stress-free and lightning-fast!

Unlike other ‘quick buy’ property companies out there, Soldmyhaus stands tall with unmatched services! We are committed to finding the perfect solutions for your property needs, ensuring a seamless sale in as little as 7-28 days! And guess what? We take care of ALL the fees, including searches and solicitors – no hidden costs!

Honest reviews

Have questions?

Will Soldmyhaus ever change the cash offer they make?
Any formal cash offer we make is valid for 14 days. After this time we would need to reassess your property and consider the current local market conditions. If there are no significant changes to your property or the local market, your original offer is likely to still be applicable. Please note: Any property bought by us will undergo a full RICS survey before exchange of contracts. The only time we may look to alter the price would be if a serious structural issue was identified during the survey. The survey is usually carried out quite early on in the sales process, therefore, if a significant structural issue is detected it may affect the value of the property. In this instance you would be free to walk away without incurring any cost.
How does Soldmyhaus buy so quickly?
We’re a quick house sale company that operates completely online. Our sales eliminate house chains and by having our own team of professional buyers and chartered surveyors as part of our team, we can eradicate unnecessary delays.
Are Soldmyhaus direct buyers or so-called ‘middle-men’?
Soldmyhaus actually purchases properties, rather than acting as a broker. In some cases, we may transfer the property to a third party, but we will ensure the seller is informed. Transfers of this nature do not affect the seller’s rights under the agreed contract.
How does Soldmyhaus value properties?
Our offer in principle is based on the information you provide as well as our own online research. If you accept this recommendation, we will arrange at least one independent valuation to be carried out, either by a local estate agent or through a RICS chartered surveyor – all free of charge.

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