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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Fine our most common queries and their answers below!
Can I have face-to-face / telephone contact with one of your agents?

Whilst our Express Sales Service is mainly conducted virtually / on-line, we do still respect our clients’ needs when requesting personal contact. Much of our provision can be accessed and tracked via our on-line tools, however as we are real people, we’re also available to contact / speak to in-person. If you leave us an email or a message, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. – we’re always happy to chat! 

Do you carry out viewings on my property?

Yes, we do. This can be done in-person, or virtually via our virtual tours. How we view your property is the preference of the buyer, depending on where they are located. We buy and sell properties all over the UK, and our true-to-life virtual tours and professional photography enables the buyer to see your property as it is, even if they’re unable to view it in person. 

How does the ‘guide price’ compare to a property’s market value?

When a traditional estate agent values your property they are advising a guide price. This is the price they’re hoping to get for your property, which may not be what it’s actually worth. Dispensing on the property this can be above or below the guide price, and estate agents will consider negotiations on price by potential buyers.

When our agents value a property they advise based on the actual market value, which is more likely to be achieved. In some cases, this may be lower than a traditional estate agent, but you’re more likely to receive 100% of the asking price. 

Is my personal data safe with Soldmyhaus?

We take data protection seriously. We will only pass your personal details on to third parties relevant to your house sale, property surveyors and solicitors, our professional associated partners if we get to that stage.

How does Soldmyhaus value properties?
Our offer in principle is based on the information you provide as well as our own online research. If this is acceptable, we will then arrange at least one independent valuation to be carried out either by our professional agent or an RICS chartered surveyor, all free of charge.
What’s the difference between Express Haus Sale and Rapid Cash Sale?
Our Rapid Cash Sale enables you to sell your property in as little as 7 days. If you can afford to wait a little longer, we’re often able to achieve a higher valuation with our Express Haus Sale service in order for you to complete in around 8 weeks whilst achieving up to 85% (location specific) of the market value.
Are there any fees associated with Express Haus Sale?
Nope – we take care of all associated fees such as solicitors costs, surveys and searches.
How can we guarantee to sell your property in 8 weeks?
We have an extensive database of property buyers across the UK who are carefully selected, are in a position to purchase, who are chain free and have cash in the bank or a mortgage in principle.
Does it really only take 7 days to complete?
Soldmyhaus are legitimate ‘cash buyers’ and we work to very short timescales. We meet the needs of our clients, with many sales completing within 7-28 days from the first contact. We have even exchanged contracts within 24 hours for urgent cases. In this fast-tracked situation our solicitor will draw up the contract, and we forward a cash advance, ready for completion in the next 7 days. However, most vendors are happy to complete their cash sale in 2-4 weeks, which is absolutely no problem for us and is easily achievable.
How do you calculate the value of my property?
Our team has the knowledge, experience and industry expertise to accurately value your property. We base our valuations on the information given by HM Land Registry showing the price that other properties have sold for in the area recently. We also consider property specifics and its current condition.
Is this a legitimate service?

Fully regulated ‘cash for home’ companies are legitimate businesses. It’s important for us to point out that there are some ‘cash for home’ companies who still need to source the money to make the purchase. At Soldmyhaus we have the funds ready and waiting. This means your sale is both safe and secure.

Can I still use your Quick Cash Buying Service if my property is on the market with an estate agent?
How you sell your property is up to you, and you can use our services if the traditional method is not working for you, or your circumstances change. You may need to consider the arrangement you have with your estate agent, including if you’re tied into a contract, in case there is a charge. When using our Quick Cash Buying Service the process moves fast, so we’d like to know that you are as committed as we are.
When can I expect to receive the money (cash funds) in my bank?
The conveyancing process undertaken by our dependable solicitors, once a price has been agreed, is much more efficient than with a traditional house sale. There is the ability for your purchase funds to hit your bank account in 7 days, but we will need you to be proactive in completing the seller’s legal pack and signing the relevant documentation.
How long does it take to get a free cash offer?

Following our initial conversation, we will ensure you have the cash offer within 24 hours, max. However if you’re in a hurry, we can do this almost immediately. Just ask our agent during your first contact call.
It’s also important to note that our agents work weekends, and are happy to answer any questions or deal with enquiries out of traditional office hours.
To get started, simply contact us via 0330 043 3834 or complete our online valuation form

Can I choose a timescale to complete the sale that suits me?

At Soldmyhaus this is no problem as we aim to meet your needs. As well as fast-tracking a sale, we have also exchanged contracts and forwarded a sum of money simultaneously, completing the sale some months later. We recognise how each client’s needs can differ and a flexible approach is a quality that Soldmyhaus is proud to boast. 

How does the Soldmyhaus approach differ from other UK property buyers?

As a property buying company it’s our aim to find the most suitable selling option for you, that meets all your requirements. We only encourage clients to make the right decision, and ensure that all available options have been discussed. We are proud of our customer satisfaction rates and to date, our clients do not report making a regrettable decision. It’s this level of success that has led Soldmyhaus to incorporate other quick sale solutions into our offerings, including our Express Haus sale option that aims to sell your home within 8 weeks.

Does Soldmyhaus really buy any house in any condition?
We absolutely do. These properties are often referred to as ‘problem properties’ and can often be unmortgageable, so they have difficulties when being sold on the open market. Properties that fall into this category include houses, flats and other buildings that may have issues such as: structural, fire / severe damage, Japanese Knotweed, are abandoned / empty / derelict or have simply been uncared for. As these issues can be complex and may require significant time and / or money to rectify, our services can provide a suitable resolve.
What if there are underlying legal issues attached to the property?

Soldmyhaus are specialists in cases like these. We have purchased many properties, including those with: flying / virtual freeholds, restrictive covenants, title issues, party wall disputes, negative easements, planning complications and much, much more. 

How much will Soldmyhaus actually pay for my property?
The location and condition of the property will determine its price. For example: if you’re selling a property in London, we may be able to offer you more. We will typically pay up to 85% of the market value of the property, and we won’t charge any estate agency or legal fees.
Is there really no obligation or pressure to accept your offer?
We appreciate that selling your property is a big decision, which is why we’d never put any pressure on you. We always allow our clients some thinking time, giving you the direct number of the sales manager dealing with your enquiry, so you can contact them whenever you’re ready.
How long is your initial offer valid for? And, can I proceed at a later date?
Our direct house purchase offer is typically valid for 14 days. We can proceed at any time you’re ready to do so, but we can not guarantee that the price we offer will stay the same. In most cases we will reassess our initial offer, depending on the market conditions.
Will Soldmyhaus need to arrange a viewing and a RICS survey / house buyers report?
The offers we make over the phone are generally subject to a viewing. Most of the time we only need to see a property once and always aim to keep any disruption to a minimum. The condition of the property will determine whether or not we’ll need to undertake a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) survey. Please note: we buy properties that most other buyers would reject. By requesting a survey we will be able to identify any potential risks, which is paramount to planning our business.
Is it true that you don’t charge any additional fees?
Absolutely. Soldmyhaus will settle all solicitors / conveyancing fees, as well as for searches and other disbursements, when using solicitors from our panel. If you choose to instruct your own solicitor, then we’ll contribute up to £500.
What are the assurances that there are no hidden costs to pay?

The solicitor assigned to you will be able to confirm this commitment with you in writing.

Is Soldmyhaus an approved house selling company?

Yes. Soldmyhaus is approved by a number of regulatory bodies, including:

The Property Ombudsman or TPO code of conduct
The National Association of Property Buyers or NAPB
Trading Standards (TSI)
Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
The Information Commissioner’s Office

How can I ensure Soldmyhaus is offering the best possible price?

We like to get to know our clients’ situations, as well as the condition and specifics of the property. We’ll also discuss the importance of speed, and will direct you to the most suitable service for your needs. Our Rapid cash sale is the best option for those who want to complete a super-fast sale or our Express Haus sale aims to get the best possible price for your property if you are in a position to wait a few more weeks.

Will my sale be kept confidential?

Yes, we recognise that discretion is important to many of our clients, and we work to meet your specific requirements. It’s Soldmyhaus’ priority to ensure that your sale goes through smoothly. This means no “For Sale” boards, unnecessary viewings and privacy invasions, if this is your wish.


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