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Tailored solutions

We get it - every client is unique, and modern times call for a personalised touch.

Property experts

With years of experience in the industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise.

We buy any house

Any home bought guaranteed thanks to our extensive network and state-of-the-art virtual connections.

No hassle or fees

No middle-man drama, no sneaky price reductions, no pesky legal fees and no estate agent’s commission!

Why choose Soldmyhaus to source your property

Soldmyhaus are specialists in sourcing below-market value properties across the UK.

If you’re looking to grow your property portfolio, invest in renovation opportunities, or buying for the financial freedom of a regular passive income with high rental yields, then Soldmyhaus can help!

When looking for properties we follow a process that includes:

  • Finding the right geographical area
  • Discovering available properties and land in that region
  • Categorising these leads according to their potential
  • Devising the right action plan to maximise investment potential
  • Alerting investors to our find
  • Arranging viewings / sending details to the potential buyer
  • Carrying out all checks
  • Making an offer on the buyers’ behalf

Why choose Soldmyhaus?

Get ready for an awesome property search experience! Our sourcing techniques are pure innovation and packed with effectiveness. With our service you’ll get rid of the hassle of tedious hours scouring through countless estate agents’ websites and property portals. Our tailored process is designed to meet your needs, and our advanced listings search employs a variety of cutting-edge methods to bring you a range of fantastic properties. 

Owners of all types of property and land throughout the UK contact us directly to ask for our help with quickly selling their property.

We specialise in dealing with below-market value property and how to quickly sell or purchase a property within weeks.

Our strong network means that we have a constant new supply of properties and land parcels up for sale, offering a nationwide selection of investment opportunities through our email mailing list.

Our large, UK-wide network of professionals enables us to offer would-be and experienced investors the best property opportunities available at any time.

Deal packaging

Once your winning offer on a property seals the deal, you’re in for a treat with a fabulous ‘package’ of info. This package is like a goldmine of cash-generating goodness, carefully crafted to suit your unique needs and preferences. 

The package outlines a variety of information, including: 

  • Specifics about the property 
  • Photographs of the property
  • A detailed description of the property
  • Price comparisons
  • Facts about the geographical area
  • Reasons why it’s a good investment
  • How to achieve the best return on your investment (ROI)

As a property investor you’re likely to be part of the property sourcers network, and a good property sourcer will get to know you as a client and become familiar with the types of investments you’ll be interested in.

No regrets, guaranteed

When you choose Soldmyhaus, you’re in for a treat. Our sourcing and packaging service is as smooth as silk, with no pesky complications.

Soldmyhaus is the real deal. We’ve got all the industry know-how and experience to rock your property investment world. We’re upfront and honest, and our only mission is to work in your best interests. With us, you’re not just another client – we take the time to get to know you and your preferences, so we can find the perfect property investment match for you.

We’ve got a massive network of agencies and organisations, so we can handle the whole shebang. From dealing with solicitors to surveyors, we’ve got it all covered. So, only one question remains; are you ready to take the property investment world by storm with Soldmyhaus?

Join the database

If you’re a savvy investor or first time buyer who’s keeping their eyes peeled for their next big investment, do the right thing and join Soldmyhaus’ Property Investors Database. We’ll ensure you’re kept up-to-date with all the latest available properties, including:

  • Below Market Value (BMV) properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Student accommodation properties
  • Buy-to-let homes
  • Off-market properties
  • Properties to renovate

Our ‘No Obligation’ membership is FREE, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your next big investment could be just around the corner.

Here’s why you should join our investor’s database:

  1. We are completely transparent
  2. Hundreds of happy investors have already benefited from our services
  3. We have availability to properties across England and Wales
  4. Our services are run by trained, experienced professionals
  5. Our process is quick and easy
  6. We tailor our services to your needs
  7. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact
  8. Getting you a high return is our speciality
  9. We can access to significant property discounts
  10. Our ‘No Obligation’ membership is FREE

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Honest reviews

Have questions?

What is property sourcing?
Property sourcing is a term used when a person or company instructs a third party/individual to find and source a high yielding investment property on their behalf that they would not have been able to find their selves due to lack of contacts and market knowledge etc.
How Are You Different from other property sourcing companies?
There are many financial advisory and property investment organisations, across the UK. Here’s a short summary of what makes Soldmyhaus unique
Buying Power: we have great relationships with estate agents and other intermediaries that allows us to obtain fantastic deals that the general public would never have access too.
Proven property professionals: Our team consists of property professionals who actually invest themselves, not just commission-based salespeople.
Hand-picked properties: we never recommend every property deal we receive, only the ones with the greatest upside potential and suitable for your goals.
What Does BMV Property Stand For?
BMV stands for Below Market Value, and is a term commonly associated with property investment.
How do I reserve a property?
It’s simple, simply call our office on 0330 043 3834 or email us at and let us know which property you would like to reserve and pay a non-refundable £1,500 holding deposit fee
What happens once I have reserved a property?
You’ll need to inform of your solicitor’s details, to which we will send out a sales memorandum and begin liaising with both solicitors. One of the reasons for the discounted price is that the seller needs a fast sale and you’ll be expected to exchange contracts within the agreed timescale of your solicitor receiving the contact.

If this doesn’t happen within the agreed timescale, the vendor could withdraw the property and you could lose your holding deposit/reservation fees.

What areas do you source property deals in?

We find great deals all over the UK. Sign up to our mailing list above to see the kinds of properties we offer.

How do I know the discount is genuine?
Before we add any deals to our database, we first carry out due diligence on the property to establish the market value. We are happy to share this information on request.
How much does Soldmyhaus charge?
We charge a non-refundable 1.5% of the purchase price with a minimum sourcing fee of £1,500 less the non-refundable £1,500 holding deposit fee.
Why invest in UK property?
With a strong rental market in the UK, buy-to-let houses are in high demand. Coupled with strong property ownership rights and excellent planning regulations, renovations and refurbishments are easy to undertake once you’ve secured a below-market value property.

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